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RxBars are handmade with a passion devoted to ensuring the highest standards of quality. There are no misleading filler ingredients in our bars -- only natural, quality ingredients that provide functional nutrition and satisfy hunger.

Each bar contains no more than 8 ingredients, all of which conform to the standards of the Paleo Diet.

RxBars are 100% Paleo and natural. They do not contain: grains, added sugars, gluten, soy, dairy, or any artificial or processed ingredients. RxBars are as prescribed by nature to give you the proper balance of high quality pure egg white protein, a healthy supply of fats, carbohydrates that are high in fiber, and natural sugars from the fruits themselves.

RxBars are the only fruit and nut protein bar out there. Each bar contains 15 grams of muscle-building protein derived naturally from egg whites and raw almonds. Our bars contain no artificial sugars – they are sweetened by real fruits - the micronutrient-dense date and fig, both of which are also great sources of natural fiber.

If you are looking to crush your daily WOD, run a 5k, or just get you through the day, RxBar is for you. For convenience and mobility, RxBars are packed in a resealable pouch.

RxBars are simple and pure - No BS.